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Exploring knowledge management in the practice of architecture: a pilot study from the Turkish capital

Kayaçetin, Nuri Cihan
Architecture-Engineering-Construction industry has recently been altering the ways of managing its resources. Knowledge is considered to be among the most precious of these resources. Knowledge is a critical factor in choosing the right projects, preparing the winning bids and successfully realizing the projects. It is also a critical factor for organizations because of the fact that - due to its nature that it exists as tacit or explicit, or in between - it is hard to record and reuse. This study investigates the knowledge management issue in the practice of architecture. Face-to-face interviews have been carried out with 15 architectural offices in Çankaya district of Ankara. The subject domain is assumed to be experiencing problems such as managing knowledge at a strategic level. This is due to the facts that the amount and importance of tacit knowledge is significant and communication of this knowledge to other parties is the responsibility of the architectural partners. The survey found out that management of architectural knowledge is considered to be beneficial for the overall productivity of architectural offices. However, challenges such as lack of standard procedures and low profit margins in the AEC industry render this activity to be less effective on profit and innovation in design.