Design of a mechanism for opening hatchback car baggage door

Duran, Yusuf
In this thesis, a new mechanism design for opening hatchback-car baggage door is introduced. Unlike the classical hinged doors used, this new design will include a mechanism so that the door will be opened vertically and thus occupy less space behind the car during the opening. In this fashion even the hatchback doors of closely parked cars may be opened. First, considering type synthesis, different mechanism types are investigated. In dimensional synthesis, with the help of Burmester theory, motion generation is applied. Using the circle and center point curves, considering link dimensions, transmission angle characteristics, branching and some order issues possible solutions that satisfy the position requirements are found. To actuate the mechanism, an appropriate gas-spring is sought. As a case study a prototype is manufactured and mounted on a sample hatchback car to check the mechanism performance.
Citation Formats
Y. Duran, “Design of a mechanism for opening hatchback car baggage door,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2009.