Acoustical analysis of exhaust mufflers for earth-moving machinery

Olğar, Tarık
This study concerns with acoustical analysis of exhaust mufflers for earth-moving machinery. The study arises from the fact that there is a need for further noise reduction emitted by earth-moving machinery produced by Hidromek Inc. in order to be on the safe side of the limits stated in European Noise Directive 2000/14/EC. The acoustical performance of the muffler is investigated both experimental and numerical means. A three-dimensional finite element method is performed to calculate the transmission loss. An experimental setup is also developed to measure the transmission loss. Chung-Blaser, two-source and two-load methods are applied to measure the transmission loss of single expansion chamber with extended inlet/outlet. The experimental setup is verified by comparing the test results obtained by two-load method with one-dimensional analytical solution obtained by transfer matrix method. Transmission loss of the muffler of interest, calculated by finite element method is compared with the experimental results. Sound power level of earth-moving machinery and insertion loss of the muffler is measured to investigate the acoustical performance of the muffler. These results can then be served as guidance for the acoustical design of a muffler.


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T. Olğar, “Acoustical analysis of exhaust mufflers for earth-moving machinery,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2009.