Capacity related properties and assessment of school buildings in Turkey

Kalem, İlker
Turkey is located on a seismically active region. Heavy damage observed in school buildings during recent earthquakes, revealed that seismic performance of school buildings is considerably poor. Therefore, determination of seismic vulnerability of these buildings has gained significant attention. Capacity curves that reflect properties of buildings are used to determine the seismic demand, thus, a decision can be made about the expected performance of the buildings. In addition, seismic vulnerability assessment procedures are also developed to assess the expected performance of buildings. In this study, it was intended to determine capacity related properties of school buildings located in Turkey. Additionally, applicability of some existing seismic vulnerability assessment procedures for school buildings is investigated. The procedures developed by Yakut [3], Hassan & Sozen [8] and Ozcebe et al. [10] were employed. For this purpose, a set of school buildings that are believed to represent typical cases were employed. Nonlinear static analysis was carried out to determine the capacity related properties and approximate seismic demand. All buildings were assessed using the available preliminary seismic assessment procedures and the results were compared with detailed assessment procedures.
Citation Formats
İ. Kalem, “Capacity related properties and assessment of school buildings in Turkey,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2010.