Black hole collisions at the speed of light

Şentürk, Çetin
The main purpose of this work is to study the collision of two black holes and the energy loss due to the gravitational waves emitted during this collision in the framework of general relativity. For this purpose we first study plane wave geometries and their collisions. More realistic collisions are the pp-wave collisions. As an analytic treatment of this problem, we investigate the head-on collision of two ultra-relativistic black holes. Treating the problem perturbatively, we extract the news function to compute how much energy is radiated in gravitational waves during the process. We show that the news function vanishes for the solutions obtained meaning that there is no mass-loss at the order of approximation.
Citation Formats
Ç. Şentürk, “Black hole collisions at the speed of light,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2010.