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Measurement of brushless dc motor characteristics and parameters and brushless dc motor design

Şahin, İlker
The permanent magnet motors have become essential parts of modern motor drives recently because need for high efficiency and accurate dynamic performance arose in the industry. Some of the advantages they possess over other types of electric motors include higher torque density, higher efficiency due to absence of losses caused by field excitation, almost unity power factor, and almost maintenance free construction. With increasing need for specialized PM motors for different purposes and areas, much effort has also gone to design methodologies. In this thesis a design model is developed for surface PM motors. This model is used with an available optimization algorithm for the optimized design of a PM motor. Special attention is paid to measurement of parameters of a sample PM motor. As a result of this study, an effective analytical model with a proven accuracy by measurement results is developed and applied in a design process of a surface PM motor. Parametric and performance results of analytical model and tests have been presented comparatively. A prototype motor has been realized and tested.