Qualitative and philosophical enquiry of aikido participants from different levels, conceptualization of aikido as different from other sports : mind and body perspectives

Şentuna, Barış
This thesis is made of two main parts. First main part of the thesis is based on the qualitative enquiry of twenty-three Aikido participants from different levels - beginner, intermediate, advanced- from three different dojos. Open ended questions regarding the difference of Aikido from other sports is asked to the participants. Their written responses were coded using qualitative methods. Based on coding of documents: labels, categories and themes have been generated. Second main part of this thesis is based on the discussion of those findings. The discussion between different levels, the comparison with other findings in Aikido Literature was done. Lastly and largely the position of findings and possible arguments it can generate in the Philosophy of Sports Literature are discussed.


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B. Şentuna, “Qualitative and philosophical enquiry of aikido participants from different levels, conceptualization of aikido as different from other sports : mind and body perspectives,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2010.