Effect of a temperature cycle on a rotating elastic-plastic shaft

Arslan, Eray
The stress distribution in a rotating solid shaft with temperature dependent yield stress subject to a temperature cycle is investigated. It is presumed that the shaft is in a state of generalized plane strain and obeys Tresca’s yield criterion and the flow rule associated with it. By the temperature cycle it is meant that the surface temperature of the shaft is increased to a limiting value, it is held at this temperature for a while, and then slowly decreased at the same rate to the reference temperature. The isothermal shaft is rotated up to around elastic limit rotation speed and then the temperature cycle is applied to the surface of the shaft. Even in an initially purely elastic shaft, two plastic regions with different forms of the yield condition emerge simultaneously at the centre and expand into the elastic region. However, the expansion of the plastic zone ceases soon thereafter, and an unloaded region spreads into the plastic core. It is shown that the stress distribution is altered significantly by the temperature cycle, hence also leading to non-zero residual stresses at stand-still.
Citation Formats
E. Arslan, “Effect of a temperature cycle on a rotating elastic-plastic shaft,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2010.