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Analysis of single phase convective heat transfer in microchannels with variable thermal conductivity and variable viscosity

Gözükara, Arif Cem
In this study simultaneously developing single phase, laminar and incompressible flow in a micro gap between parallel plates is numerically analyzed by including the effect of variation in thermal conductivity and viscosity with temperature. Variable property solutions for continuity, momentum and energy equations are performed in a coupled manner, for air as a Newtonian fluid. In these analyses the rarefaction effect, which is important for the slip flow regime, is taken into account by imposing slip velocity and temperature jump boundary conditions to the wall boundaries. Mainly, the influence of viscous dissipation, axial conduction, geometric parameters and rarefaction on the property variation effect is aimed to be discussed in detail. Therefore, the effects of variable thermal conductivity and viscosity are investigated simultaneously with the effects of rarefaction, geometric parameters, viscous dissipation and axial conduction. The difference between constant and variable solutions in terms of heat transfer characteristics is related to the effects of viscous dissipation axial conduction and rarefaction. According to results, property variation is substantially effective in the entrance region where temperature and velocity gradients are high. On the other hand, property variation effects are not significant for fully developed air flows in microchannel.