Kaluza-klein reduction of higher curvature gravity models

Kuyrukcu, Halil
The standard Kaluza-Klein theory is reviewed and its basic equations are rewritten in an anholonomic basis. A five dimensional Yang-Mills type quadratic and cubic curvature gravity model is introduced. By employing the Palatini variational principle, the field equations and the stress-energy tensors of these models are presented. Unification of gravity with electromagnetism is achieved through the Kaluza-Klein reduction mechanism. Reduced curvature invariants,field equations and stress-energy tensors in four dimensional space-time are obtained. The structure of interactions among the gravitational, electromagnetic and massless scalar fields are demonstrated in detail. It is shown that in addition to a set of generalized Maxwell and Yang-Mills type gravity equations the Lorentz force also emerges from this theory. Solutions of the standard Kaluza-Klein theory are explicitly demonstrated to be intrinsically contained in the quadratic model.
Citation Formats
H. Kuyrukcu, “Kaluza-klein reduction of higher curvature gravity models,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2010.