Calibration of conventional measurement transformers against harmonic components by using field measurements of optical transducers and resistive-capacitive voltage transformers

Türkmen, Coşkun Aziz
It is known from the literature that conventional voltage and current transformers measure inaccurate values for voltage and current harmonics which are parts of power quality. Maximum bandwidth of conventional current transformers, which are used in electricity transmission and distribution systems, is 1.5-2 kHz and it is lower for conventional voltage transformers. Also, it is known that; voltages in some frequency spectrum are measured higher and voltages in another frequency spectrum are measured lower by the conventional voltage transformers. Furthermore, because of the phase shift of fundamental component caused by the conventional current and voltage transformers, losses and efficiency can not be calculated accurately. In this work, through the simultaneous measurements taken at the same feeder by both conventional transformers and new technology measurement transformers; amplitude and phase shift errors which are caused by conventional transformers depending on frequency and so harmonics, are examined and evaluated. Amplitude coefficients and phase shifts are determined for different types of conventional transformers to be able to calibrate measurement deviation. Through this work, measured data by conventional transformers will be accurate and realistic in terms of harmonic components. This matter is important to determine whether the accurate limits which will be set in the future possibly concerning with harmonics and interharmonics, are surpassed or not; also for punitive sanction.


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C. A. Türkmen, “Calibration of conventional measurement transformers against harmonic components by using field measurements of optical transducers and resistive-capacitive voltage transformers,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2010.