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Series active filter design, control, and implementation with a novel load voltage harmonic extraction method

Şentürk, Osman Selçuk
Series Active Filters (SAF) are designed for harmonic isolation and load voltage regulation of single-phase and three-phase voltage harmonic source type nonlinear loads. The novel Absolute Value Method (AVM) for load voltage harmonic extraction is proposed and applied in the control algorithm of SAF. The SAF compensated systems are represented by simplified linear models such that SAF controller gains can be easily determined. Harmonic isolation and load voltage regulation performances of 2.5 kW single-phase and 10 kW three-phase SAF compensated systems are evaluated by detailed simulations. Laboratory prototype single-phase and three-phase SAFs and loads are designed and manufactured. Digital signal processor based control platform is employed. Exclusive laboratory tests are conducted. Via laboratory experiments and simulations it is shown that AVM yields superior harmonic isolation and load voltage regulation performance compared to the conventional low/high pass filtering method. Theory, simulations, and experiments are well correlated and illustrate the feasibility of the proposed method.