Development of a two-fingered and a four-fingered robotic gripper

Doğan, Burak
In this thesis study, a two-fingered gripper and a four-fingered multipurpose gripper are developed and manufactured. In addition to development of robotic hands, computer control hardware and software are also developed for computer control of both hands. The two-fingered gripper is designed for a specially defined pick and place operation. Its task is to pick a cylindrical work piece and place it in the appropriate position in a flexible manufacturing cell. Pneumatic actuator is used for power generation and mechanical links are used for power transmission. Fourfingered gripper is designed as a multipurpose gripper. The task is not predefined for this gripper, so, human hand and previous dexterous hands are taken as model during design. It consists of 3 fingers and a thumb. It has 1 degree of freedom for every finger and thumb. Pneumatic actuators are also used for this gripper. Rope and pulley system is used for the power transmission mechanism. Structures of both hands are manufactured from 5083 series aluminum. Gripping force can be controlled by the pressure regulator of the pneumatic system for both hands. Computer software is developed for the control of open and close motion of the fingers. Also, a motion control card is designed and manufactured for control of the pneumatic valves.
Citation Formats
B. Doğan, “Development of a two-fingered and a four-fingered robotic gripper,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2010.