Modeling of particle filled resin impregnation in compression resin transfer molding

Şaş, Hatice Sinem
Compression Resin Transfer Molding (CRTM) is an advanced liquid molding process for producing continuous fiber-reinforced composite parts in relatively large dimensions and with high fiber volume fractions. This thesis investigates this process for the purpose of producing continuous fiber reinforced composites with particle fillers. In many composites, fillers are used within the resin for various reasons such as cost reduction and improvement of properties. However, the presence of fillers in a process involving resin impregnation through a fibrous medium can result in a composite with non-homogeneous microstructure and properties. This work aims to model the resin impregnation and particle filtration during injection and compression stages of the process. For this purpose, a previously developed particle filtration model is adapted to CRTM. An appropriate commercial software tool is used for numerical solution after a survey of available packages. The process is analyzed based on the developed model for various process scenarios. The results of this study aim to enhance the understanding of particle-filled resin impregnation and particle filtration phenomena in the CRTM process and are likely to be used towards designing optimum process configurations for a desired outcome in the future.
Citation Formats
H. S. Şaş, “Modeling of particle filled resin impregnation in compression resin transfer molding,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2010.