A study on risk assessment of scour vulnerable bridges

Apaydın, Meriç
Many river bridges fail or are seriously damaged due to excessive local scouring around piers and abutments. To protect a bridge from scour-induced failure, it should be designed properly against excessive scouring and its scour criticality should be checked regularly throughout the service life to take prompt action. The Federal Highway Administration of United States (FHWA) developed a program, HYRISK, as a basis for evaluation of existing scour failure risk of a bridge. It provides implementation of a risk-based model, which is used to calculate the annual risk of scour failure of a bridge or series of bridges in monetary values. A case study is carried out for a bridge crossing Fol Creek in Black Sea Region (close to Vakfıkebir), for the illustration of this software. Besides, hydraulic analysis and scour depth computations of the bridge are carried out via HEC-RAS program. Also, a study is carried out to recommend scour countermeasures that can be applied to the aforementioned bridge.


Experimental investigation of local scour around bridge pier groups
Özalp, Murat Can; Bozkuş, Zafer; Department of Civil Engineering (2013)
It is an important task that design engineers in practice predict the local scour around bridge piers as accurately as possible because excessive local scour around bridge piers unbalance and demolish the bridges. Many equations have been proposed previously by various researchers, based on their experimental findings, but no general method has been developed so far due to the complexity of the topic. In the present study two new bridge pier groups were employed to investigate the inclination effect of the ...
Scour Countermeasure Design For Sequential Viaducts on Ankara - Pozantı Highway
Çam, Umut Egemen; Yanmaz, Ali Melih; Department of Civil Engineering (2012)
Foundations of river bridges need to be protected with respect to excessive scouring. Degree of protection depends on the severity of scouring action around bridge piers and abutments. A case study is carried out to design appropriate protective measures for sequential viaducts located on Ankara-Pozant highway in Turkey. A number of analyses are conducted to obtain water surface profiles throughout the study reach. Local scour depths at piers and abutments of the viaducts are then obtained. The design proc...
A Case Study on Bridge-Scour Risk Assessment
Yanmaz, Ali Melih (2010-09-27)
Many bridges fail or subject to considerable stability problems because of excessive scouring at infrastructural elements, such as piers and abutments. Computation of maximum possible depth of scour at these elements would lead to safe and economical design of footings. Scour depth computation is also of importance for existing bridges to assess their vulnerability against this phenomenon throughout their remaining life spans. A ...
Evaluation of scouring reliability at bridge abutments
Yanmaz, Ali Melih (2012-04-26)
Serious scouring may take place around bridge abutments during floods, which can lead to considerable damage or structural collapse. Design of abutment footings must, therefore, rely on the estimation of maximum possible depth of scour through the bridge opening. Deterministic scour-prediction equations are based on simplified assumptions and they do not account for randomness of the scouring variables, which leads to an unavoidable risk in footing design. This study is concerned with the development of a n...
Dynamic Reliability in Bridge Pier Scouring
Yanmaz, Ali Melih (2002-09-01)
Many bridges crossing wide rivers fail due to excessive local scour around piers and abutments during heavy floods. Because of the random nature and complexity of the overall scouring phenomenon through the bridge opening, there exist uncertainties leading to an unavoidable risk in bridge foundation design. A reliability-based assessment of bridge pier scour is required to examine the relationship between safety factors and reliability, which are key parameters for decision making in design. Herein, a dynam...
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M. Apaydın, “A study on risk assessment of scour vulnerable bridges,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2010.