The Development of agricultural strategies and policies for the traditional tenure in Sudan: with emphasis to Khartoum region

Eltayeb, Mohammed M


A price endogenous sector model for Turkish agriculture for an analysis of agricultural intervention policies.
Önal, Hayri; Celasun, Merih; Department of Operational Research (1986)
The history and experience of Spanish, Greek and Portuguese agriculture in the european union
Salar, Yusuf İlker; Akder, Ahmet Halis; Department of European Studies (2004)
In this thesis, Greek, Portuguese and Spanish accession of European Union is investigated. Agricultural production, consumption and trade patterns of Greece, Portugal and Spain have changed by the full application of Common Agricultural Policy. The commodity composition of these countries experienced an adjustment, too. The production of vegetables, fruits, fish and other typical Mediterranean products have increased. The composition of consumption has moved from low-income elastic products to high-income e...
The integration and engineering of the ATLAS SemiConductor Tracker Barrel
Abdesselam, A.; et. al. (IOP Publishing, 2008-10-01)
The ATLAS SemiConductor Tracker (SCT) was built in three sections: a barrel and two end-caps. This paper describes the design, construction and final integration of the barrel section. The barrel is constructed around four nested cylinders that provide a stable and accurate support structure for the 2112 silicon modules and their associated services. The emphasis of this paper is directed at the aspects of engineering design that turned a concept into a fully-functioning detector, as well as the integration...
An inquiry concerning the place of emotions in virtue ethics (a comparison between Aristotle and Kant
Yazıcı, Aslı; İnam, Ahmet; Department of Philosophy (2005)
This dissertation examines the claim that, unlike utilitarianism and deontology, virtue ethics ascribes a positive role to emotions in moral evaluation by taking them as the constituents of moral goodness and moral value. I wish to identify the limit and scope of this claim and to show what kind of emotion theory is suitable for explaining the essential features of virtue ethics. To do so, I defend some kind of cognitivism, the cognitive-affective theory of emotion, as the most suitable theory for virtue et...
The Comparative Effects of Concrete Manipulatives and Dynamic Software on the Geometry Achievement of Fifth-Grade Students
Disbudak, Ozge; Akyüz, Didem (2019-01-01)
Concrete manipulatives and dynamic geometry software (DGS) are both commonly used for geometry education in elementary and middle schools. This study sets out to understand which of the two approaches was better in improving the conceptual understanding of quadrilaterals for fifth graders. A pre-/post-test design was conducted in which the same topic was taught by the same teacher to three groups of students, with each group receiving a different type of instruction, namely concrete manipulative based, DGS ...
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M. M. Eltayeb, “The Development of agricultural strategies and policies for the traditional tenure in Sudan: with emphasis to Khartoum region,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 1997.