An antology - driven video annotation and retrieval system

Demirdizen, Goncagül
In this thesis, a system, called Ontology-Driven Video Annotation and Retrieval System (OntoVARS) is developed in order to provide a video management system which is used for ontology-driven semantic content annotation and querying. The proposed system is based on MPEG-7 ontology which provides interoperability and common communication platform with other MPEG-7 ontology compatible systems. The Rhizomik MPEG-7 ontology is used as the core ontology and domain specific ontologies are integrated to the core ontology in order to provide ontology-based video content annotation and querying capabilities to the user. The proposed system supports content-based annotation and spatio-temporal data modeling in video databases by using the domain ontology concepts. Moreover, the system enables ontology-driven query formulation and processing according to the domain ontology instances and concepts. In the developed system, ontology-driven concept querying, spatio-temporal querying, region-based and time-based querying capabilities are performed as simple querying types. Besides these simple query types, compound queries are also generated by combining simple queries with "(", ")", "AND" and "OR" operators. For all these query types, the system supports both general and video specific query processing. By this means, the user is able to pose queries on all videos in the video databases as well as the details of a specific video of interest.


Ontology-based spatio-temporal video management system
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G. Demirdizen, “An antology - driven video annotation and retrieval system,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2010.