Semi-automatic semantic video annotation tool

Aydınlılar, Merve
Semantic annotation of video content is necessary for indexing and retrieval tasks of video management systems. Currently, it is not possible to extract all high-level semantic information from video data automatically. Video annotation tools assist users to generate annotations to represent video data. Generated annotations can also be used for testing and evaluation of content based retrieval systems. In this study, a semi-automatic semantic video annotation tool is presented. Generated annotations are in MPEG-7 metadata format to ensure interoperability. With the help of image processing and pattern recognition solutions, annotation process is partly automated and annotation time is reduced. Annotations can be done for spatio-temporal decompositions of video data. Extraction of low-level visual descriptions are included to obtain complete descriptions.


An antology - driven video annotation and retrieval system
Demirdizen, Goncagül; Çiçekli, Fehime Nihan; Department of Computer Engineering (2010)
In this thesis, a system, called Ontology-Driven Video Annotation and Retrieval System (OntoVARS) is developed in order to provide a video management system which is used for ontology-driven semantic content annotation and querying. The proposed system is based on MPEG-7 ontology which provides interoperability and common communication platform with other MPEG-7 ontology compatible systems. The Rhizomik MPEG-7 ontology is used as the core ontology and domain specific ontologies are integrated to the core on...
An ontology-based multimedia information management system
Tarakçı, Hilal; Çiçekli, Fehime Nihan; Department of Computer Engineering (2008)
In order to manage the content of multimedia data, the content must be annotated. Although any user-defined annotation is acceptable, it is preferable if systems agree on the same annotation format. MPEG-7 is a widely accepted standard for multimedia content annotation. However, in MPEG-7, semantically identical metadata can be represented in multiple ways due to lack of precise semantics in its XML-based syntax. Unfortunately this prevents metadata interoperability. To overcome this problem, MPEG-7 standar...
An intervention framework for developing interactive video lectures based on video clickstream behavior: a quasi-experimental evaluation
Yürüm, Ozan Raşit; Yıldırım, İbrahim Soner; Taşkaya Temizel, Tuğba (2022-02-01)
The purpose of this study is to develop an intervention framework based on video clickstream interactions for delivering superior user experience for video lectures. Apart from existing studies on data-driven interventions, this study focuses on video clickstream interactions to identify timely interventions for creating interactive video lectures. First, a framework was developed through an exploratory experiment, in which 29 students' clickstream behaviors were tracked on an online platform and then indiv...
A semi-automatic text-based semantic video annotation system for Turkish facilitating multilingual retrieval
Kucuk, Dilek; Yazıcı, Adnan (2013-07-01)
It is commonly acknowledged that ever-increasing video archives should be conveniently indexed with the conveyed semantic information to facilitate later video retrieval. Domain-independent semantic video indexing is usually carried out through manual means which is too time-consuming and labor-intensive to be employed in practical settings. On the other hand, fully automated approaches are usually proposed for very specialized domains such as team sports videos. In this paper, we propose a generic text-bas...
Ontological Video Annotation and Querying System for Soccer Games
Alan, Ozgur; Akpinar, Samet; Sabuncu, Orkunt; Cicekli, Nihan; Alpaslan, Ferda Nur (2008-10-29)
This paper describes a video annotation and querying system which is capable of semi-automatic annotation of videos from text. The extracted metadata is aligned with the corresponding video segments. This allows users to query videos according to their semantic content. We have chosen soccer domain to demonstrate the use of the system. The soccer videos are very suitable for our framework, since it is easy to find web-cast match reports for soccer games. The annotated videos are stored in MPEG-7 format in a...
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M. Aydınlılar, “Semi-automatic semantic video annotation tool,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2011.