An ontology-based multimedia information management system

Tarakçı, Hilal
In order to manage the content of multimedia data, the content must be annotated. Although any user-defined annotation is acceptable, it is preferable if systems agree on the same annotation format. MPEG-7 is a widely accepted standard for multimedia content annotation. However, in MPEG-7, semantically identical metadata can be represented in multiple ways due to lack of precise semantics in its XML-based syntax. Unfortunately this prevents metadata interoperability. To overcome this problem, MPEG-7 standard is translated into an ontology. In this thesis, MPEG-7 ontology is used on top and the given user-defined ontologies are attached to the MPEG-7 ontology via a user friendly interface, thus building MPEG-7 based ontologies automatically. Our proposed system is an ontology-based multimedia information management framework due to its modular architecture, ease of integrating with domain specific ontologies naturally and automatic harmonization of MPEG-7 ontology and domain-specific ontologies. Integration with domain specific ontologies is carried out by enabling import of domain ontologies via a user-friendly interface which makes the system independent of application domains.
Citation Formats
H. Tarakçı, “An ontology-based multimedia information management system,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2008.