An analysis innovation and R & D activities of firms in Turkish medical devices sector

Eren, İlke
This thesis aims to explore the challenges of Medical Devices sector in their innovative activities with the use of qualitative and quantitative methods. The specific subject of analysis is the Turkish Medical Device industry. Throughout the thesis the convergence of Medical Devices with pharmacy and its role in healthcare is mentioned in addition to the institutional regulations of the sector due to their effect on the firms innovative activities. The main focus of this thesis is the innovation in medical devices as vital components of healthcare supply with an important share in health expenditures. Even though Medical Devices are considered to be heterogeneous and classified in many other sectors such as chemicals, textiles and electronics, they have common features sufficient to be considered as a special product group and being an important part of the healthcare system, they are subject to common regulations. Sectoral Systems of Innovation approach is used to investigate Medical Devices Sector in Turkey. Medical devices sector also suffer from regulations that put cost on innovative activities, reimbursement policies that aim at cost containment, lower degrees of consumer support (in terms of user-producer relationship), high marketing costs due to the specific market they act in, in addition to the general obstacles such as scarce finance and human resources. Nonetheless, the ambiguity in entrance and allowance to reimbursement lists is also found to be a blocking factor on innovation.The studies on this aspect of the medical devices sector are limited and this thesis aims to fulfil the gap in this respect.
Citation Formats
İ. Eren, “An analysis innovation and R & D activities of firms in Turkish medical devices sector,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2010.