On critique of architectural image : reading Jean Baudrillard through Jean Nouvel

Uslu, İrem
The aim of this study is to question the relationality between conception of image, social condition of an era and architecture. With acceptance of a transition to a new kind of relationality in contemporary era, a trialectical analysis is carried on, in order to understand changes in this relationality and its effects on contemporary architecture. Image, mainly depicted as the tool for communication, loses its transcendental and ideal status and degrades to an artificial and tricky state under the contemporary social condition. Likewise, current state of both image and social condition manipulates architecture, architectural production and the position of architect. Therefore, in this study, for understanding the new social condition, it is referred to the world constituted as a system of sign in philosophy of French thinker, Jean Baudrillard which originates from new status of image. For comprehension of contemporary architecture, it is referred to the practice of French architect, Jean Nouvel who features special value to image in his architecture. Finally, for consequences of this collision and effects on architecture, it is referred to the analysis of the book of “The Singular Objects of Architecture” which is composed of dialogues between Jean Baudrillard and Jean Nouvel.


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İ. Uslu, “On critique of architectural image : reading Jean Baudrillard through Jean Nouvel,” M.Arch. - Master of Architecture, Middle East Technical University, 2011.