Towards the spectacle: on the role of imagery in architectural representation

Yergin, Emrah
This study enquires into the pejorative stance of image in representations of architecture. It is a critical literary look on the relations between architecture and modes of representation on the path of subject, through possible implementations via different media. It also inhales the exposition of architectural representation and space construction in the visual scene. This study has claims primarily on space, which is a common phenomenon in architecture and cinema. It has a direct question reads as follows: Can cinematographic image be regarded as an objective tool in the narration or documentation of architecture? Historically, the transformative potential of representational tools is an influence on architecture. Along its development, cinematic and photographic tools, which were the basic instruments to document at the early stages, became tools of re-production of reality. Themes of social subject, image, and space will form the thesis.
Citation Formats
E. Yergin, “Towards the spectacle: on the role of imagery in architectural representation,” M.Arch. - Master of Architecture, Middle East Technical University, 2015.