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Algebraic curves hermitian lattices and hypergeometric functions

Zeytin, Ayberk
The aim of this work is to study the interaction between two classical objects of mathematics: the modular group, and the absolute Galois group. The latter acts on the category of finite index subgroups of the modular group. However, it is a task out of reach do understand this action in this generality. We propose a lattice which parametrizes a certain system of ”geometric” elements in this category. This system is setwise invariant under the Galois action, and there is a hope that one can explicitly understand the pointwise action on the elements of this system. These elements admit moreover a combinatorial description as quadrangulations of the sphere, satisfying a natural nonnegative curvature condition. Furthermore, their connections with hypergeometric functions allow us to realize these quadrangulations as points in the moduli space of rational curves with 8 punctures. These points are conjecturally defined over a number field and our ultimate wish is to compare the Galois action on the lattice elements in the category and the corresponding points in the moduli space.