Range data recognition: segmentation, matching, and similarity retrieval

Yalçın Bayramoğlu, Neslihan
The improvements in 3D scanning technologies have led the necessity for managing range image databases. Hence, the requirement of describing and indexing this type of data arises. Up to now, rather much work is achieved on capturing, transmission and visualization; however, there is still a gap in the 3D semantic analysis between the requirements of the applications and the obtained results. In this thesis we studied 3D semantic analysis of range data. Under this broad title we address segmentation of range scenes, correspondence matching of range images and the similarity retrieval of range models. Inputs are considered as single view depth images. First, possible research topics related to 3D semantic analysis are introduced. Planar structure detection in range scenes are analyzed and some modifications on available methods are proposed. Also, a novel algorithm to segment 3D point cloud (obtained via TOF camera) into objects by using the spatial information is presented. We proposed a novel local range image matching method that combines 3D surface properties with the 2D scale invariant feature transform. Next, our proposal for retrieving similar models where the query and the database both consist of only range models is presented. Finally, analysis of heat diffusion process on range data is presented. Challenges and some experimental results are presented.
Citation Formats
N. Yalçın Bayramoğlu, “ Range data recognition: segmentation, matching, and similarity retrieval,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2011.