Lossless Description of 3D Range Models

Bayramoglu, Neslihan
Alatan, Abdullah Aydın
The improvements in scanning technologies lead obtaining and managing range image databases. Hence, need of describing and indexing this type of data arises. Since a range model owns different properties compared to complete 3D models, we propose a method that relies on Spherical Harmonics Transform (SHT) for retrieving similar models where the query and the database both consist of only range models. Although SHT, is not a new concept in shape retrieval research, we propose to utilize it for range images by representing the models in a world seen from the camera. The difference and advantage of our algorithm is being information lossless. That is the available shape information is completely included in obtaining the descriptor whereas other mesh retrieval applications utilizing SHT "approximates" the shape that leads information loss. The descriptor is invariant to scale and rotations about z-axis. Proposed method is tested on a large database having high diversity. Performance of the proposed method is superior to the performance of the D2 distribution.


Comparison of 3D local and global descriptors for similarity retrieval of range data
Bayramoglu, Neslihan; Alatan, Abdullah Aydın (2016-04-05)
Recent improvements in scanning technologies such as consumer penetration of RGB-D cameras lead obtaining and managing range image databases practical. Hence, the need for describing and indexing such data arises. In this study, we focus on similarity indexing of range data among a database of range objects (range-to-range retrieval) by employing only single view depth information. We utilize feature based approaches both on local and global scales. However, the emphasis is on the local descriptors with the...
Range data recognition: segmentation, matching, and similarity retrieval
Yalçın Bayramoğlu, Neslihan; Alatan, Abdullah Aydın; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2011)
The improvements in 3D scanning technologies have led the necessity for managing range image databases. Hence, the requirement of describing and indexing this type of data arises. Up to now, rather much work is achieved on capturing, transmission and visualization; however, there is still a gap in the 3D semantic analysis between the requirements of the applications and the obtained results. In this thesis we studied 3D semantic analysis of range data. Under this broad title we address segmentation of range...
Camera electronics and image enhancement software for infrared detector arrays
Küçükkömürler, Alper; Akın, Tayfun; Department of Environmental Engineering (2012)
This thesis aims to design and develop camera electronics and image enhancement software for infrared detector arrays. It first discusses the camera electronics suitable for infrared detector arrays, then it concentrates on image enhancement software that are implemented including defective pixel correction, contrast enhancement, noise reduction and pseudo coloring. After that, testing and results of the implemented algorithms were presented. Camera electronics and circuit operation frequency are selected c...
Metadata extraction from text in soccer domain
Göktürk, Özkan; Çiçekli, Fehime Nihan; Department of Computer Engineering (2008)
Video databases and content based retrieval in these databases have become popular with the improvements in technology. Metadata extraction techniques are used for providing data to video content. One popular metadata extraction technique for mul- timedia is information extraction from text. For some domains, it is possible to nd accompanying text with the video, such as soccer domain, movie domain and news domain. In this thesis, we present an approach of metadata extraction from match reports for soccer d...
Apertureless scanning near field optical microscope with sub-10 nm resolution
Bek, Alpan; KERN, KLAUS (AIP Publishing, 2006-04-01)
We report on the implementation of a versatile dynamic mode apertureless scanning near field optical microscope (aSNOM) for nanoscopic investigations of optical properties at surfaces and interfaces. The newly developed modular aSNOM optomechanical unit is essentially integrable with a multitude of laser sources, homemade scanning probe microscopes (SPMs) as well as commercially available SPMs as demonstrated here. The instrument is especially designed to image opaque surfaces without a restriction to trans...
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