An Investigation of emergence, development and types of open design: a case study on socially responsible design approach

Altınova, Hale
The purpose of this study is to examine the emergence, development and types of open design and to evaluate its effects on a socially responsible design project. For this purpose, a two-stage study was performed. The first stage involves a literature review on open design. In the second phase, a case study was conducted to explore the effect of open design on a socially responsible design project that involved interviews conducted with the founder and volunteers in a project in Turkey that has adopted the principles of open design and designers who have design experience on the subject with their graduation project. After qualitative data analysis, the findings gathered from the interviews were examined and evaluated. The research has concluded that open design has effects and potential in the use of socially responsible design. In the study, it is revealed that the applications of open design in a socially responsible project include the role changes mentioned in the literature. In addition, it provides more convenience in terms of access to open resources and individual production.