Occupational health and safety hazard identification, risk assessment, determining controls: case study on cut and cover underground stations and tunnel construction

Ceyhan, Cumhur
The purpose of this thesis is to examine the hazard identification, risk assessment and related determining controls aspects of occupational health and safety topic, within the framework of a safety management system, for the construction industry. To achieve this purpose, a literature survey is carried out with specific emphasis on the standards, guidelines, codes of practices and other documents published by authorized institutions and national legislation related with the subject. The Marmaray Project, which is considered as one of the major transportation infrastructure projects in Turkey, is chosen as the case study area. In the Marmaray Project, the case study is carried out at Üsküdar Underground Station Construction Site as an example for the cut and coverunderground station construction and at Yedikule Tunnel Construction Site for the tunnel construction and achieved results are assessed within the context of this thesis.