Improved torque and speed control performance in a vector-controlled PWM-VSI fed surface-mounted pmsm drive with conventional P-I controllers

Büyükkeleş, Ümit
In this thesis, high performance torque and speed control for a surface-mounted permanent magnet synchronous machine (PMSM) is designed, simulated and implemented. A three-phase two-level pulse width modulation voltage-source inverter (PWM-VSI) with power MOSFETs is used to feed the PMSM. The study has three objectives. The first is to compensate the voltage disturbance caused by nonideal characteristics of the voltage-source inverter (VSI). The second is to decouple the coupled variables in the synchronous reference frame model of the PMSM. The last is to design a load torque estimator in order to increase the disturbance rejection capability of the speed control. The angular acceleration required for load torque estimation is extracted through a Kalman filter from noisy velocity measurements. Proposed methods for improved torque and speed control performance are verified through simulations and experimental tests. The drive system is modeled in Matlab/Simulink, and control algorithms are developed based on this model. The experimental drive system comprises a three-phase VSI and a 385 W surface-mounted PMSM. Control algorithms developed in the study have been implemented in a digital signal processor (DSP) board and tested comprehensively. With the use of the proposed methods, a considerable improvement of torque and speed control performance has been achieved.