Groundwater vulnurability assessment with DRASTIC method : a case-study on Kırıkkale Plain, Turkey

Büyükdemirci, Ahmet Hakan
The objective of this study is to achieve vulnerability assessment of the groundwater by using DRASTIC Method which is developed by United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA). It is most commonly used overlay and index method all over the world. Evaluation of groundwater vulnerability would be performed by using computer programs which are based on Geographical Information System (GIS) in order to facilitate data management and spatial analysis. The term vulnerability, that is used in this study, could be defined as a degree of capacity of the geological settings which are above water table, cause as joining of contaminants to groundwater where imposed by environmental factors. All the groundwater has some degree of protection under natural condition. It is an important initial step to identify degree of vulnerability by an index which is provided by superimposition of the environmental and geological properties that are explained in DRASTIC Method. v At the end of the study by using a computer program together with DRASTIC Method a vulnerability map will be obtained. The vulnerability map is an informative tool from different aspects such as it is an initial step for taking an attention of risk of groundwater could be getting polluted in some areas. In addition, surface activities could be limited by focusing on groundwater protection strategies which are considering degree of vulnerability of areas that are delineated by DRASTIC vulnerability index. With the purpose of groundwater vulnerability assessment Kırıkkale Plain is selected for a study area. Because of inappropriate management of the industrial and domestic wastes, lack of waste water treatment plants and uncontrolled agricultural activities cause this region proned to groundwater pollution. At the end of this study a groundwater vulnerability map of the Kırıkkale Plain is obtained and attention is drawn to the places which are more vulnerable are pointed out.
Citation Formats
A. H. Büyükdemirci, “ Groundwater vulnurability assessment with DRASTIC method : a case-study on Kırıkkale Plain, Turkey,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2012.