Effect of backmixing in ozonation columns

Ulutaş, Ferda


Effect of isomorphic atom substitution on lattice parameters of TlBX2-type mixed crystals
Özkan, Hüsnü; Hasanlı, Nızamı; Çulfaz, Ali (1996-12-01)
The variation of the lattice parameters of TlBX2-type mixed crystals with composition have been investigated by X-ray diffraction technique. The lattice anisotropy (c/a) of the mixed crystals changes linearly depending on substitution of the atoms located both at the centre and at the vertices of the BX4 tetrahedra. For some of the mixed crystals studied, structural phase transition (monoclinic ⇌ tetragonal) is observed due to atom substitution when the sum of tetrahedral covalent radii of the B and X atoms...
Effect of parallel and antiparallel configuration on magnetic damping in Co/Ag/Co/Gd
Demirtas, S.; Salamon, M. B.; Koymen, A. R. (AIP Publishing, 2011-06-01)
When two ferromagnetic layers have a common resonance frequency, the usual spin-pumping broadening may be reduced by dynamic exchange coupling. Utilizing the antiferromagnetic coupling between Co and Gd, we explore the change in ferromagnetic resonance accompanying a spontaneous transition from parallel to antiparallel magnetic alignment of two Co films below the compensation temperature T-comp. Above T-comp, the data are consistent with conventional models. However, a rapid doubling of magnetic damping acc...
Effect of Ternary Alloying Elements Addition on the Order-Disorder Transformation Temperatures of B2-Type Ordered Fe-Al-X Intermetallics
Yıldırım, Mehmet; Akdeniz, Mahmut Vedat; Mehrabov, Amdulla (2012-06-01)
The effect of alloying element additions on B2a dagger"A2 order-disorder phase transformation temperatures of B2-type ordered Fe-0.5(Al1-n X (n) )(0.5) intermetallics (X = Cr, Ni, Mo, Ta, Mn, Ti, and W) that readily form single-phase solid solution for X = 1 at. pct were investigated experimentally. It was shown that the type of the ternary substitutional alloying elements have a profound effect on the variation of order-disorder transition temperature of Fe-0.5(Al1-n X (n) )(0.5) alloys. Based on the magni...
Effect of Feed Concentration in Equilibrium Parametric Pumps
Ghasem, Nayef; Orbey, H (Informa UK Limited, 1987-12)
The effect of high initial feed concentration in batch equilibrium parametric pumping was experimentally investigated at different bed temperatures and cycle times. The system studied was benzene-n-hexane over a silica gel bed. It was observed that the initial feed concentration which leads to the best separation is dictated by the shape of the equilibrium isotherms of the system. An increase in the temperature difference between hot and cold cycles was shown to improve the separation because it led to a mo...
Effect of Symmetry on Insertion Loss in SRR and CSRR Transmitarray Unit Cells Implementing the Element Rotation Method
ERDIL, Emre; TOPALLI, Kagan; Aydın Çivi, Hatice Özlem (2018-08-01)
Insertion loss variation with respect to rotation angle is examined for geometrically symmetrical and unsymmetrical split ring resonators (SRR) and complementary split ring resonators (CSRR) transmitarray unit cells implementing the element rotation method. Generalized design conditions for the implementation of the method on transmitarrays are derived. Based on the S-parameters obtained by full-wave electromagnetic simulations and field analysis, it is shown that the symmetry of CSRR unit cells has an impo...
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F. Ulutaş, “Effect of backmixing in ozonation columns,” Middle East Technical University, 1998.