Development of a computer software for hydraulic design of small hydropower facility

Alimoğlu, Emir
Run-of-river type hydroelectrical power plants are the facilities that use only the available flow on the river without storing it to generate electrical energy. These kind of facilities are composed of structural components such as diversion weir, conveyance line, forebay, penstock and power house. In this thesis, a computer program called “MiniHEPP Hydraulic Design” is developed in order to perform the hydraulic design of run-of-river type hydropower plants. This program which runs under the Windows operating system, was developed in C# programming language. MiniHEPP Hydraulic Design is capable of performing hydraulic design of structural components of diversion weir with sidewise intake and overflow spillway, canal, forebay, and penstock. In addition, it can determine the optimum design discharge and penstock diameter of this type of hydropower plants.