Evaluation of best environmental management practices of an integrated iron and steel plant

Çakır, Nur
European Union published IPPC Directive in 1996 aiming to create an integrated approach in order to manage and control industrial facilities better. IPPC provides the development of a new concept of “Best Available Techniques (BAT)”, the most effective, advanced and applicable methods, preventing emissions to the environment and providing efficient use of resources. Within this framework, numerous sectoral Best Available Techniques Reference Documents were published giving information on the sector and BAT alternatives for this sector. Iron and steel industry, which causes quite significant amount of resource depletion and waste production, is one of the industries within the scope of IPPC Directive. In the this study, environmental performance of an integrated iron and steel plant in Turkey is evaluated and compared with the EU’s integrated iron and steel plants, in order to suggest applicable BAT alternatives for the studied plant. Totally 74 BAT alternatives were evaluated and among them 36 alternatives were determined to be applicable for this plant. Finally, two of these applicable BAT alternatives were selected and compared by use of cross-media effects and financial analysis. The results of this study indicated that dust emission and high energy consumption are the common problems in the facility. Moreover, sintering process was found to be the least compatible sub-process with EU’s iron and steel plants. Additionally, it was determined that with respect to application of BAT alternatives, facility is quite compatible with EU’s iron v and steel plants. Furthermore, cross media effect and financial analysis revealed that the selected BAT alternatives, “Advanced Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP)” and “Bag Filter-combined or integrated reduction of solid and gaseous pollutants”, have different cross media effects on the environment, however, the second alternative is a more cost-effective alternative than the first one. Since this study was undertaken in an integrated iron and steel plant that represents Turkish iron and steel industry with respect to its production process, production capacity and environmental performance; the results of this study can be used to aid decision makers to make environmental initiatives in iron and steel industry in Turkey.
Citation Formats
N. Çakır, “Evaluation of best environmental management practices of an integrated iron and steel plant,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2012.