Short term industrial production forecasting for Turkey

Değerli, Ahmet
This thesis aims to produce short-term forecasts for the economic activity in Turkey. As a proxy for the economic activity, industrial production index is used. Univariate autoregressive distributed lag (ADL) models, vector autoregressive (VAR) models and combination forecasts method are utilized in a pseudo out-of-sample forecasting framework to obtain one-month ahead forecasts. To evaluate the models’ forecasting performances, the relative root mean square forecast error (RRMSFE) is calculated. Overall, results indicate that combining the VAR models with four endogenous variables yields the most substantial improvement in forecasting performance, relative to benchmark autoregressive (AR) model.
Citation Formats
A. Değerli, “Short term industrial production forecasting for Turkey,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2012.