Synthesis and characterization of fluorescent zinc phthalocyanine pigments and its combination pigment with mica titania pigment

Kahya, Sevinç Sevim
In the present work, zinc phthalocyanine and tetra nitro substituted zinc phthalocyanine were sytnhesized by using phthalic anhydride and nitro phthalic acid precursor respectively under microwave irradiation. Molecular structures of these pigments were confirmed by FT-IR and UV-visible spectroscopy analyses. Furthermore, these pigments were deposited on mica-titania pigment substrate in dimethyl formamide solvent to obtain the combination pigment. FT-IR analysis was conducted to analyze the deposition of pigments onto the mica-titania surfaces. Fluorescence spectroscopy analysis was performed to observe zinc phthalocyanine, tetra nitro zinc phthalocyanine pigments, and their combination pigment with mica- titania pigments. The surface morphologies of zinc phthalocyanines on the mica titania pigments were investigated by scanning electron microscopy. Optimum deposition temperature and deposition time were determined by v depositing varying amounts of zinc phthalocyanines. The paint samples of these combination pigments were prepared by alkyd based paint formulation. L*a*b* values of the paint samples were determined by color measuring spectrophotometry. The optimum deposition temperature was determined as 120 oC and the optimum deposition time was determined as half an hour and effective deposition was obtained at 120 °C. It is observed that, with the increasing amount of ZnPc, the interaction between ZnPc particles increases and they desorp the surface of mica-titania pigment. The best result was obtained with 0.08 g ZnPc at 120 oC.


Synthesis and characterization of tetranitro and tetraamino zinc phthalocyanines and their combinations with mica-titania pigment
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S. S. Kahya, “Synthesis and characterization of fluorescent zinc phthalocyanine pigments and its combination pigment with mica titania pigment,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2012.