Long waves In narrow enclosed basins

Tekin, Onur Baran
In this study, numerical modeling of landslide generated tsunami waves in closed basins and their mechanisms are presented. Historical landslide generated tsunamis are investigated and also the governing parameters affecting impulse wave parameters are studied. The numerical model is based on the solution of nonlinear form of the long wave equations with respect to related initial and boundary conditions. In order to validate the outputs of the modeling by NAMIDANCE, empirical formulation is applied to the same cases as the numerical model and the results are discussed. The numerical model is then applied to Pervari Dam artificial reservoir as a case study to investigate the effects of potential landslide into the reservoir. The outputs of the numerical model are compared with empirical formulation results for different approaches of modeling the landslide effect in water body. The critical sections are observed for overtopping and maximum wave amplitude values and the results are discussed.
Citation Formats
O. B. Tekin, “Long waves In narrow enclosed basins,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2012.