Design and implementation of Z-source full-bridge DC/DC converter

Uçar, Aycan
In this work, the operating modes and characteristics of a Z-source full-bridge dc/dc converter are investigated. The mathematical analysis of the converter in continuous conduction mode, CCM and discontinuous conduction mode-2, DCM-2 operations is conducted. The transfer functions are derived for CCM and DCM-2 operation and validated by the simulation. The current mode controller of the converter is designed and its performance is checked in the simulation. The component waveforms in CCM and DCM-2 modes of operation are verified by operating the prototype converter in open-loop mode. The designed controller performance is tested with the closed-loop control implementation of the prototype converter. The theoretical efficiency analysis of the converter is made and compared with the measured efficiency of converter.
Citation Formats
A. Uçar, “Design and implementation of Z-source full-bridge DC/DC converter,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2012.