Digital surface models from spaceborne images without ground control

Ataseven, Yoldaş
Generation of Digital Surface Models (DSMs) from stereo satellite (spaceborne) images is classically performed by Ground Control Points (GCPs) which require site visits and precise measurement equipment. However, collection of GCPs is not always possible and such requirement limits the usage of spaceborne imagery. This study aims at developing a fast, fully automatic, GCP-free workflow for DSM generation. The problems caused by GCP-free workflow are overcome using freely-available, low resolution static DSMs (LR-DSM). LR-DSM is registered to the reference satellite image and the registered LR-DSM is used for i) correspondence generation and ii) initial estimate generation for 3-D reconstruction. Novel methods are developed for bias removal for LR-DSM registration and bias equalization for projection functions of satellite imaging. The LR-DSM registration is also shown to be useful for computing the parameters of simple, piecewise empirical projective models. Recent computer vision approaches on stereo correspondence generation and dense depth estimation are tested and adopted for spaceborne DSM generation. The study also presents a complete, fully automatic scheme for GCPfree DSM generation and demonstrates that GCP-free DSM generation is possible and can be performed in much faster time on computers. The resulting DSM can be used in various remote sensing applications including building extraction, disaster monitoring and change detection.
Citation Formats
Y. Ataseven, “Digital surface models from spaceborne images without ground control,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2012.