The Spider of an olive grove and associated shrublands in Muğla, Milas, Kıyıkışlacık with notes on their diversity and composition

Elverici, Mert
In the period from May 2010 to August 2011, spider fauna of semi natural olive groves and associated shrub-lands were sampled in Muğla Province, Milas District, Kıyıkışlacık Village at the Western Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Semiquantitative sampling protocols were performed by use of pitfall traps, sweep nets, by active collecting, by sifting of tree litter and beating branches of shrubs. A total of 9967 spider specimens were obtained, from these, 3034 adult specimens were determined up to the lowest taxonomic category, and a detailed checklist is produced for the study area, composed of a total of 220 species belonging to 147 genera and 38 families. 39 species were recorded for the first time in Turkey. Species accumulation curves were used to test the representativeness of field surveys and to perform richness estimates, which were resulted in high completeness values and richness estimations around 250 – 300 species for the study area. Results on composition, phenology and distributional patterns of the spider assemblage was also briefly discussed and found to be typical for Mediterranean habitats. Diagnostic photographs for each species in the collection are also provided in the appendix.