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A Comparative study of Turkey’s energy security policies towards Kazakhstan and Iraq

Yavuz, Halil Buğra
Energy security has started to take an important place in national security strategies of all countries. Energy security policies of countries take different characteristics for the energy importing and exporting countries. Therefore, countries formulate and implement their energy security policies according to their political, economic and geographical conditions. This thesis seeks to explore the energy security policies of Turkey towards Kazakhstan and Iraq in order to identify the similarities and differences in Turkey’s energy security policies towards Kazakhstan and Iraq from a comparative perspective. In this context, contrary to the claims of some studies in the literature which neglect the interdependence between Turkey’s energy cooperation with the Eurasia and the Middle East, this thesis argues that Turkey’s energy security policies require Ankara to sustain a different but balanced energy policy towards the Eurasian and the Middle Eastern countries, as exemplified in Turkey’s energy cooperation with Kazakhstan and Iraq as representative cases from the respective regions. The thesis has six chapters on the following topics: Introduction, the concept of energy security, energy security policies of Turkey, Energy Relations between Turkey and Kazakhstan, Energy Relations between Turkey and Iraq, as well as the Conclusion.