Ergonomic evaluation of school busses

Özdemir, Pınar
In this study, perceived comfort and discomfort regarding school busses is assessed with the main focus on students. A total of 149 students and 38 drivers from a private school in Ankara was chosen participated in the study. Two different surveys were conducted on students and drivers separately, in order to assess perceived comfort and discomfort and suitability of the seat design features. Using SPSS Software to analyze the data, factors contributing to safety, driver distraction, perceived discomfort and perceived comfort were investigated. Bus seat comfort is found to be the most influential factor on the general assessment of bus comfort. Although no evidence of significant discomfort related to specific body parts such as neck, shoulders, back, thigh or legs is found, in-depth analysis revealed that seat features such as seat pan cushion firmness or armrest height are in correlation with seat comfort.


Teachers’ perspectives on psychological issues among their students
Erdur Baker, Özgür; Özmen, H (2011-03-01)
This study has two aims: 1) to explore classroom teachers’ experiences regarding the presenting psychological difficulties of their students; and, 2) to understand how they try to help those students and whether or not their intervention is effective. This study is qualitative in nature. Semi-structured individual interviews were conducted with 35 volunteer teachers from primary and high schools located in different parts of Ankara. The subjects taught by the participating teachers varied. Each participant ...
A Comparison of Preschool and First Grade Teachers' Views about School Readiness
Sahin, Ikbal Tuba; Sak, Ramazan; TUNCER, NURAN (2013-06-01)
School readiness is an important concern for parents and teachers because it is a multifaceted process which encompasses all the developmental areas and various skills of children rather than only focusing on cognitive and literacy skills. In particular, preschool and first grade teachers experience the positive and negative sides of the process of school readiness. In this study, basic qualitative research was used to compare teachers' views about school readiness. The participants were 35 preschool and 35...
Development of an instrument for science teachers’ perceived readiness in STEM education
Şatgeldi, Ayşe Nihan; Özdemir, Ömer Faruk; Department of Mathematics and Science Education (2017)
The main purpose of this study was to develop an instrument to measure science teachers’ perceived readiness in STEM education. For this purpose, 54 items were written after extensive literature review and interviews with experts. Some of these items were rewritten or omitted as a result of expert opinions and finally 50 items were pilot tested. In the thesis, 306 elementary and secondary science (elementary science, physics, chemistry and biology) teachers participated. To finalize the instrument, out of 5...
Pedestrian safety around elementary schools
Çiçek, Bünyamin Erkan; Lajunen, Timo; Department of Psychology (2009)
This study establishes pedestrian safety focused environment around elementary schools. In order to reach this objective 3 consecutive goals are fulfilled; firstly; proposing, a newly designed black spot analysis, “Behavioral Black Spot Analysis”, secondly; documenting pedestrian behavior around black spots, and finally stimulating effective interventions around elementary schools. This study proposes a newly designed methodology; “Behavioral Black Spot Analysis” which is namely based upon pedestrians’ rout...
The Relationship between teacher reflection and teacher autonomy with respect to certain variables
İpek Şahin, Derya; Aksu, Meral; Department of Curriculum and Instruction (2017)
This study aims to investigate whether there is a significant relationship between teacher reflection and teacher autonomy and among their subscales; and whether there is a significant difference in teacher reflection and teacher autonomy scores according to gender and years of teaching experience. The sample of the study, which is determined by means of cluster random sampling, is 284 classroom teachers (1-4 grades) in 15 elementary schools in three districts (Yenimahalle, Altındağ, Keçiören) of Ankara in ...
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P. Özdemir, “Ergonomic evaluation of school busses,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2013.