Spaces of communication in high-rise residential buildings

Engür, Özge
The aim of thesis is to evaluate criticisms directed to high-rise buildings which have firstly used for residential purposes with modernism in terms of their hindering social contact, and to explain in what kind of spaces the residents of high-rise building sustain their social and environmental contacts. This form was aimed to be used as the building type of high-rise, low density urban form in CIAM meeting for decreasing health problems created by industrialization on individuals. In contrast, Team 10 criticized high-rise residential buildings by propounding disposal of street and not gathering people by using green areas. They propounded the urban element which is low-rise spreading in horizontal as the form of increment of social connection. In this study, principally diversified existence of social and environmental communication space are advocated in every urban environment depending on distinctive spatial organizations. Matrix study was made depending on height, density and coverage as three inputs of residential types, and the idea defended was tried to be proven. Communication spaces in high-rise residential buildings were analyzed in urban design and architecture scales. For this purpose, urban design scaled study was analyzed in the frame of territoriality which is related to the main topic of the thesis as residential area, and public and private space continuity types came into prominence. Architecture spaces constituting social and environmental contiguity spaces in high-rise residences were discussed in the frame of contemporary buildings and utopias. The explanation of diversified connection spaces in high-rise residential blocks will be hold.


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Ö. Engür, “Spaces of communication in high-rise residential buildings,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2013.