From precarious employment to precarious life : the case of non-appointed teachers in Turkey

Sağıroğlu, Seher
The debates on precarious employment and precarization of labor since the 1970s are significant to understand the neo-liberal transformation of labor market and socio-cultural analysis of the new forms of production relations. This study aims to contribute to the academic debates on the precarization and precarious employment by exploring the working and life conditions of non-appointed teachers in Turkey. Nowadays, the non-appointed teachers have faced with the precarious working conditions both in public and private education sectors. As a result of the privatization of education services and the changes in the public employment of teachers, the non-appointed teachers have to live with the new forms of working life such as short-term, temporary, and insecure. Since these precarious conditions are not merely confined within their work places, this study aims to demonstrate that the feelings of precariousness have penetrated into every sphere of social life. In Turkish labor market, the precarious working conditions have brought about not only the precarious life experiences for the non-appointed teachers; but also their daily lives have discontinuously redefined by risks, anxieties and uncertainties.


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S. Sağıroğlu, “ From precarious employment to precarious life : the case of non-appointed teachers in Turkey,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2013.