Modeling and control of a heated tank system with variable liquid hold-up

Yücel, Tarık
The aim of this thesis study was the modeling and controlling of a heated tank system with variable liquid hold-up. Mathematical model representation of the process was developed using mass and energy balances. Experiments were conducted to obtain the correct model parameters of the process. After obtaining the model parameters, linearized form of the model was developed. Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) controller parameters are found at different nominal conditions using a Simulink code that estimates optimum controller parameters by minimizing the time weighted absolute error of the response. Then, starting at different nominal conditions PID and Model Predictive Controller (MPC) performances were evaluated. MPC and PID controllers were implemented on the nonlinear process model using Simulink program. The results showed that MPC gives best response behavior for both set point tracking and disturbance rejection cases.