Teacher learning in and from practice : the case of a secondary mathematics teacher

Çelebi İlhan , E. Gül
The purpose of this research was to explore teacher learning in and from practice while inquiring their own classroom instruction/practice. Teacher professional development or learning opportunities have been receiving criticisms regarding their limitations in responding teacher’s needs all around the world. Besides, with the rise of discursive research in mathematics education what teachers say and how they say it within classrooms is believed to play an important role on students’ mathematical learning. The investigation was held with a high school mathematics teacher who was conducting an inquiry of her practice and focused on her learning via her discourse on and within discursive practices of her mathematics classes. Data collection utilized videotaped classroom observations and teacher interviews and teacher reflection documents. Analysis of data comprised of various methodologies consisted of narrative analysis, a combination of Systemic Functional Linguistics and Commognition theories and Michel Foucault’s toolbox which provided theoretical tools of discourse analysis to gain new ways to look the subject under investigation. Results provided a better understanding of teacher learning as a social practice. Three themes emerged as teacher’s accounts of her own practice including: discursive practices, knowing in practice and inquiry of own practice. Furthermore, all three of teacher’s mathematical, social and pedagogical discourses has been found to evolve and differentiate during teacher’s inquiry process. This study indicated that such a design of teacher’s inquiry of her own practice can be beneficial for supporting and generating teacher learning at both in pre-service and in-service levels.


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E. G. Çelebi İlhan, “Teacher learning in and from practice : the case of a secondary mathematics teacher,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2013.