Landscapes of Pednelissos : making of an urban settlement image in ancient Pisidia

Çinici, Ahmet
This study investigates the interaction between people and between people and their environments embodied in the landscapes of Pednelissos, one of the smaller cities of antiquity in highland Pisidia, a region which is characterized by the variety of its morphological features and their dominance in the socio-economic life. Landscape, in this respect, is conceptualized as a cultural image, a way of representing, structuring and symbolizing surroundings born out of people’s living and acting in space and through time. How people viewed, interpreted and understood their environments and how they shaped and transformed it to communicate a message, a discourse and an image of themselves are questioned. Urban and architectural space, the social production of space and tools of nonverbal communication between the residents and their physical environment are investigated in terms of setting the context for presenting a landscape reading and hence for discussing the urban identity of Pednelissos in a broader physical perspective. The perception, production and use of spaces and places are discussed in relation to the encounters between the residents and the physical aspects of the city as well as the topographical features and natural resources. The potentials of utilising a landscape reading approach in the scope of settlement archaeology are illustrated by the case of Pednelissos. Accordingly, landscape reading helps to construct a framework for analyzing and reconstructing ancient physical environments and the social dimension involved in the articulation of this context. Landscape reading illustrates potentials of non-destructive archaeology and is informative about how urban spaces and the urban image were socially produced, experienced and consumed.
Citation Formats
A. Çinici, “Landscapes of Pednelissos : making of an urban settlement image in ancient Pisidia,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2013.