Hydraulics of circular bottom intake orifices

Bulut, Muhammed
In this study, the hydraulics of circular bottom intake orifices was investigated experimentally in a hydraulic model constructed in the laboratory. For this reason, a series of circular orifices at various diameters were located at the bottom of a flume and tested under a wide range of different flow conditions. The discharge passing through the orifice of known diameter, location and slope were measured and recorded along with the corresponding flow rate of the main channel and its flow depth. One or some of the variables as diameters, locations and slopes of the orifices were changed in the experiments. From the data obtained, the discharge coefficients, CD, of the orifices and their variations with the dimensions and locations of the orifices were determined. Similar experiments were repeated with orifices located on the inclined channel bottom and the effects of the bottom inclination on the variation of discharge coefficient, CD and coefficient obtained from the dimensional analysis, K, were investigated. The relationship between these coefficients, CD, and K, and some other dimensionless parameters were presented graphically. Using these graphs, one can determine the discharge coefficient, CD, and other coefficient, K, necessary to find the amount of water diverted by a circular bottom intake orifice with known diameter, place and slope from a main channel of which the total discharge is known. The effects of multiple bottom intake orifices on the aforementioned coefficients were also investigated within the scope of this study.
Citation Formats
M. Bulut, “Hydraulics of circular bottom intake orifices,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2013.