Improved positioning by distance-based differential GPS

Ghaziani, Matin
This study presents a new method of differential GPS which is based on distance between GPS receivers. To navigate a robot on unstructured area, different methods have been used. One of the important methods is using GPS. Using single GPS leads to inaccurate navigation of a robot. One way to overcome this problem is using Differential GPS which is based on using one or several based stations and rover receivers. These base stations depend on exact coordinate of its coordinates and without them; this method does not work correctly. To overcome this problem, a method which does not depend on exact position is needed. In this study distance-based differential GPS is proposed. In this method seven fixed GPS receivers and a rover receiver are used. By solving the distances between fixed points, the error of each GPS is found. By using the inverse distance weighting method, the error of rover receiver is found. In this method, exact positions of based points are not needed. This method can be implemented anywhere, therefore local navigation system can be achieved easily.
Citation Formats
M. Ghaziani, “Improved positioning by distance-based differential GPS,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2013.