An Experimental investigation on indoor RSSI-based localization

Karakurt, Meriç Koray
In this study, received signal strength indicator (RSSI) based indoor localization is investigated in sparse-anchor-deployment environments. Multipath propagation, dynamical variations in propagation model parameters and antenna patterns which are three of many potential error sources of indoor RSSI-based localization are experimentally analyzed. Possible enhancements so as to minimize the effects of mentioned problems are examined. A multichannel maximum-likelihood estimation (MLE) algorithm is proposed and implemented in a testbed together with some existing localization algorithms. A performance comparison of the implemented methods is provided. It is shown that the suggested method can increase the accuracy of indoor RSSI-based localization in low anchor density by using multichannel measurements and real-time propagation parameter estimation.
Citation Formats
M. K. Karakurt, “An Experimental investigation on indoor RSSI-based localization,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2013.