Budget control and monitoring of Adana shopping center project

Erkan, Ziya Kerim


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The main objective of this work is to develop models using multivariable regression and artificial neural network approaches for cost estimation of the construction costs of trackworks of light rail transit and metro projects at the early stages of the construction process in Turkey. These two approaches were applied to a data set of 16 projects by using seventeen parameters available at the early design phase. According to the results of each method, regression analysis estimated the cost of testing sample...
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During the evaluation of the seismic retrofitting option for risk reduction/mitigation measures to be applied over buildings, Benefit Cost Analysis is an often-used method. During this study of Benefit Cost Analysis, the condition that the earthquake can happen just after or sometime after retrofitting will be taken into consideration rather than some approaches that focus on the benefits and costs regarding the annual probability of the occurrence for possible earthquakes. The analysis will use conditional...
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Z. K. Erkan, “Budget control and monitoring of Adana shopping center project,” Middle East Technical University, 1999.