A Survey on s-band phase shifters

Kızıltaş, Bilgin
Phase shifters are essential components of beam directing in electronically scanned phased array radar transmitters and receivers that are used in electronic warfare applications for surveillance and self-protection reasons. In this thesis, initially, fundamentals of phase shifters and various phase shifter topologies are introduced. Afterwards, two-stage all pass filter based phase shifter, eight-section loaded-line phase shifter, aperture coupler based phase shifter and double shunt stub phase shifter circuits are analyzed, designed, fabricated, measured, validated and compared. Investigated circuits are analyzed in MATLAB® and simulations are performed in AWR2009® or HFSS™ design environments. After the design process, circuits are manufactured using PCB technology and measured with a network analyzer. Then, simulation and measurement results are given together for validation. Finally, fabricated circuits are compared. In this study, a useful resource for S-Band phase shifter design and fabrication is aimed to be exposed meanwhile intending to reveal abilities, limitations, advantages and disadvantages of investigated circuits. Ninety degree phase shift operation throughout the S-Band with maximum of ten degree peak to peak phase error and minimum of ten decibel return loss is aimed for every fabricated circuit in order to compare them in some aspects, namely; electrical performance, size, cost, ease of manufacture and suitability for mass production. Experiments and comments on results are shared throughout the study. Survey is concluded with revising the experiments and sharing suggestions for future studies. d in HV 0.35 µm CMOS technology. The proposed ASIC includes the same driver (LV) circuitry but 90 V high voltage pulsers with HVTHKOX module.
Citation Formats
B. Kızıltaş, “A Survey on s-band phase shifters,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2013.